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12-weeks is a proven effective timescale to achieve serious change in body composition. Invest in one of our tailored nutritional & workout plans and see what you can achieve today!

What To Expect

Our 12-week plans are curated after in-depth consultation, providing you the nutrition and training plans to guarantee success! Each nutritional plan is uniquely tailored to you and your individual requirements including health, fitness and weight goals. With your 12-week plan you can expect:

  • Carefully-designed bespoke diet and exercise plans
  • Flexible actions that fit around your lifestyle and individual situation
  • 12-weeks of online weekly check-ins, with adjustments made to your plan as needed for continued results. The check-ins are crucial for accountability and support
  • Calorie and macronutrient count, meal options and advised meal timings for better adherence
  • Supplementation guide and advice for optimal results
  • Tips and tricks to help you really transform your body within the 12-week timeframe
  • Sustainable plans that can be implemented in the long-term to help you transform your lifestyle
  • Access to our expert consultancy for support and guidance
Buy Now – £300

What You Get

Inside your 12-week plan we’ll give you a blueprint of everything you need to transform your body and implement a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. Your package will consist of:

Detailed Food Plan & Delicious Recipes
Incredible meals that are easy to prepare and contain a balanced nutritional diet. Our recipes will ensure you won’t go hungry and, with amazing tastes and flexible meal choices, you’ll be delighted with the food plan you follow.

Training Plan
Our comprehensive exercise plan is full of workouts that are easy to follow at home or at the gym. Our exercise plans are flexible and can be fit around your diary – making them perfect to implement solid foundations of change in your lifestyle and increase your fitness levels quickly!

Expert Consultancy & Support
Your 12-week package gives you full access to our coaching expertise – providing the support, guidance and reassurance you need to make the most of your plan.

Buy Now – £300

Workout Plans For Beginners & Advanced

Our plans are suitable for beginners and advanced fitness practitioners alike! Each package is completely bespoke to you and takes into account your current health and fitness levels, as well as your individual goals – creating a plan that will offer value and be easy to follow, no matter where in your fitness journey you are.

Nutrition Plans For Weight Loss

Our balanced diet plans are ideal for losing weight in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. Your meal plans are carefully curated to ensure a calorie deficit that maintains all of the nutritional value needed for optimal performance. Speak to our consultants today to talk about your individual weight loss goals and see how we can help you.

Go Beyond 12-Weeks

Our nutrition plans are designed to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, allowing you to make long-term changes to your diet and exercise and get the results you need! Once your 12-week programme is over you can extend your plan for only £80 per additional month! You’ll have access to everything included in the 12-week programme, included expert support from our coaches and exercise plans that grow as your fitness levels to too.

Buy Now – £125

Clients Who Have Changed Their Lives

We’ve helped a host of clients achieve their fitness and health goals! See some of our top transformations here and find out how we can help you today.

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About Serene Strong

As a European standard Powerlifter and National standard bodyfitness competitor, our founder Serene has years of experience in developing nutritional fitness needed to achieve optimal athlete performance. Learn more about her coaching history, here.

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Start Your 12-Week Programme Today

Get started on your body transformation now! It’s easy to get your fitness programme, just follow the few simple steps below:

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  • Fill out our consultation questionnaire. This is vital to create the most effective plan for you. Our forms will cover everything from body measurements and lifestyle, to medical history and nutritional background.
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  • Our experts will create your tailored 12-week transformation, with meal plan and workout routines.
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