5 New Years Targets To Give You A Healthy Eating Plan

If you’ve been following my stories on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m setting myself targets now we’ve entered a fresh year. I don’t make specific New Years ‘resolutions’ as such because I feel they can feel a bit restricting and suffocating – potentially setting you up for a negative mindset if you don’t feel like you’re adhering or doing well enough.

I do enjoy putting some thought into more general ways of living more healthily and happily though, which is why I’ve compiled a list of my top few targets this year for you to also aim to achieve:

New Years Targets To Help You Eat Better

Eat Plenty Of Vegetables

It’s so easy to skip on veg but I always always feel better when I have plenty in my diet. I aim for mostly greens due to the abundance of iron and other minerals within them with some added colours. The fibre and water content definitely helps to keep me feeling more satisfied and fortunately, I really enjoy them. For convenience and health, I often buy frozen and steam in the microwave.

Drink More Water 

I’m going to try and make sure I always hit my minimum daily water target of 3 litres. This might seem like a lot to some but I do sweat a lot during exercise and I would also describe myself as a ‘thirsty person’ so I like to get plenty of fluids in. I’ll carry a bottle around with me and always make the effort to keep sipping whenever I can. I don’t mind plain water but if you struggle, you could add cucumber, lemon or other fruits to add a little more taste.

Eat Enough

Sometimes I think it’s easy to get into full blown ‘diet mode’ or feel that you shouldn’t eat much. I have been guilty of trying so hard to make meals smaller that I end up far hungrier by the end of the day and then eat something unhealthy due to cravings. I’d suggest you make sure your meals are balanced and giving you everything you need so as not to fall into the trap of over-indulging later in the day. Bring too restrictive with food doesn’t produce the results you want.

Find The Silver Lining 

it’s easy to get bogged down in negative situations and, although we know they won’t last, it’s important that we nourish our mental wellbeing. If you find yourself faced with something upsetting, try finding just ONE positive that can be taken from it and take some time to think about that or even write it down. Not only will it help you to deal with the situation more positively but it’ll also help to improve the way you look at things in general. A cup half full is always best.

Keep Active 

Keep active – and this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in a gym! Take up a new sport or get serious about one you’ve tried. Commit to a couple of exercise classes a week. Use a step tracker to accomplish goals and keep activity up. As well as cleaning up your diet and eating healthier, make an extra effort to move more – it’ll do wonders for you psychologically and strengthen you in ways you didn’t even think was possible!

Get Help Creating Your Healthy Eating Plan

If you want to use the New Year as an opportunity to feel more healthy and get in shape, then there’s never been a better time! Get in touch today today to see how I can help you meet your goals and support you in setting realistic targets that you’ll be able to stick to. Or have a look at our full range of workout and diet programmes to find the one perfect for you, here.