About Me

Serene Husseini

With more than a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, I’m as passionate as ever about helping people improve their wellbeing.

I’ve coached close to a thousand women to reach their personal wellness goals, starting out on the gym floor as a proud personal trainer and gym-owner, to now running my business completely online as an MNU certified nutritionist. Not only am I able to help with bigger problems that go above and beyond an hour of exercise each week, but now I can reach thousands more women!

I’ve been to the extreme and pushed my body to its limits as a physique athlete, powerlifter and strongwoman at both national and international level. I’ve been a hardcore dieter and completely transformed my body, whilst also learning some hard lessons.

The biggest revelation for me personally, is that seeking a specific outcome – a physical goal like a certain weight, size or shape – is great if that’s what you desire but if you are looking to maintain weight loss results and live a life you enjoy, you must understand the significance of the method you use to achieve it. If you are actually enjoying the process, you’ll stick with it and not have to keep starting over.

Whilst I’ve been a lot leaner, I’m at my healthiest right now because I don’t do restrictive dieting or set unrealistic expectations. Neither do I obsess over my body, put myself down or measure my self-worth on the way I look. I no longer miss out on social events, avoid sugar or freak out when presented with a restaurant menu – to me, that’s a healthy, balanced lifestyle and it’s all built on consistent healthy habits and mindful behaviours. Whilst it’s important to be intentional about getting results, I believe a positive relationship with food and/or your body shouldn’t be compromised and we should continue to strive for health in every way.

I’ve graduated with university degrees, written fitness articles for a large international magazine, I’ve had a couple of features in the muscle magazine, FLEX (and landed the cover) and more recently, I’ve been a regular guest on BBC Radio to bust nutrition myths and encourage people to change their lifestyles in a healthy way.

More recently, I’ve completed certifications in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Counselling Skills Level 2 and the commendable “Confidence in the Menopause” course created by Dr Louise Newson and advertised by Davina McCall.

My passion lies in my 1-1 coaching, where I can guide and support women to overcome their personal obstacles to reach their wellness goals. Click the link below to read more about my coaching programmes.