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Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Achieving sustained weight loss or maintaining your happy weight requires a lifestyle change which allows all things in moderation. By learning about our bodies, how to nourish them properly and love them, we can achieve long term success. Feelings of deprivation, inadequacy and failure will be replaced with happiness, confidence and positivity with this healthy living plan. It is a balanced, flexible approach to living well.

Buy Now – £125

This package includes:

  • A structured nutrition plan which teaches about balanced, healthy living.
  • 4 weeks of support and accountability with full access to myself as your coach.
  • Advice on getting active with exercise you enjoy as part of your lifestyle.
  • Information about mindfulness and the decision-making process centred around food and activity – because we have to make lots, all the time – which teaches how to adapt to different situations and make the right decisions.
  • Access to online content which will educate and guide you through the process of new beginnings.

Once purchased, you’ll have access to the consultation forms which you’ll need to complete carefully so that I can create the perfect plan for you.

Please check your junk folder if you don’t receive the confirmation email. Follow the next steps as detailed in this email.