Build a Better Booty!

Girls, when it comes to training, do not neglect that booty. The three glute muscles (yes, three!) – the minimus, medius and maximus – make up the largest and strongest muscles in the body so darn well use them! I can assure you that activating, stimulating and building these muscles properly will positively impact your life both in and out of the gym.

So, what are the benefits…?

  • Improved posture – In a world where we are constantly sitting at desks and bending over computer screens, there’s no surprise that a good posture is something we lack. Lower back stress and weak cores can be combated by improving the strength of the glutes, adding support and stability which will of course improve your posture overall.
  • Increased mobility – the glute muscles work together to extend, abduct and rotate the hips so having a better control and understanding of how these muscles work and challenging them in the gym will help with mobility and general hip health.
  • Increased shape – a good set of glutes add shape to the female body and are aesthetically pleasing. Sculpting and shaping your body in this way can make you feel empowered, positive, happy and damn well sexy, what’s not to like about that?
  • Injury prevention – Hip stability, correct knee positioning and reduced hamstring strain are all effects of having strong glutes so if you suffer with problems in any of these areas, you just keep reading…

Simply follow my six tips to build a better booty which will change the way you look, spice up your gym routine and strengthen your whole body…

  1. Activate Them – Use a resistance band to perform a short sequence to prime the muscles before you train them. Glute bridges, lateral leg lifts, side clams, frog pumps, kickbacks and crab walks will all activate the glutes so that they will be the prime focus of your workout. Not only will these movements ensure your glutes work physically but they will also promote a stronger mind-muscle connection for you to really think about how to stimulate them effectively. If you are totally new to this, look these exercises up and give them a go.
  2. Isolate Them – Don’t just do standard squats and lunges, rather add exercises to your routine that hit the glutes specifically. These might include variations of kickbacks, bridges, hip thrusts and pull-throughs. By incorporating these exercises, you will add size and strength to the glutes, rather than the legs as a whole as it’ll minimise the stimulation of other leg muscles such as the quads and hamstrings.
  3. Think about Planes – You can take advantage of the different planes of movement (sagittal, frontal, transverse) and the different ways in which we can load the glutes (horizontally or vertically) to get a really good butt boosting workout. Try to include a range of exercises so you get a good mix and hit the muscles from all angles. For example, a combination of lying hip thrusts, curtsey lunges, cable kickbacks and banded crab walks would ensure you stimulate and challenge the glutes in a variety of ways so could really maximise your results.
  4. Vary Your Rep Range – Like with all exercises, don’t stick to the same rep range. Sure, the 8-12 range is touted to be the most effective for muscular hypertrophy but that doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle through lower and higher ranges too. Work on loading up the weight and doing as few as 6-8 reps to get super strong but also catch the burn in high rep sets (as many as 50 in just a single set). Different muscle fibres will be stimulated and so this will ensure you are using all parts of the muscle. For best results, always give you maximum effort and be sure that you are pushing the intensity hard with every set, no matter the weight or rep range.
  5. Eat Enough – Make sure your calorie count is consistently high enough to build muscle, because that’s essentially what you’re aiming to do. The lifting under load will create micro-tears within the muscle and the nutrients in the food you eat will enable them to re-build, bigger and stronger, so don’t expect to get decent results if you’re in a calorie deficit.
  6. Get Stepping – Looking beyond the weights, the stairmaster could be a good addition to your gym sessions. While it’s unlikely that 10 minutes of climbing will help to build or bulk out your bum, it will improve the muscular endurance of the muscles, encourage more blood flow and provide another chance to work on that mind-muscle connection. Aside from that, it’s a fun, challenging and sweaty way to end a good booty session.


Serene x