James Jeffery

James Jeffery and I have worked together for some years, coming together to share ideas and create educational content for our clients.

Like myself, James has a decade of experience in the fitness industry and has owned a gym. He is a certified Crossfit coach and is currently delivering programmes online to help busy dads create a healthy lifestyle that fits around work and family.

Poké Food

The idea behind Poké Food was hatched between myself and a good friend who also happens to be an excellent chef. We wanted to simplify the process of eating healthily whilst making it enjoyable, using delicious, fresh, quality ingredients. Thus, Poké Food was born.
Poké Food provides nutritionally balanced, prepared meals and conscious catering targeted at those who want to choose mindful eating and health- even if they think they don’t have the time or knowledge to do so. Our belief is that the food we eat is more than fuel, it needs to taste great too. We want you to be able to enjoy your healthy choices by eating foods rich in thoughtfully balanced macro and micro nutrients, having access to key information, and making eating in a health focused way easy. Our goal is to create an experience that feeds you well. In more ways than one, because great health is an inside job.