Getting Back on the Wagon!

I’m very open about the fact that I like a balanced lifestyle. It’s a way of enjoying a bit of what you fancy without going overboard. It’s moderation of all things. It’s not losing sight of your goals but also enjoying life.

But hey, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we lose control in a BIG way. And that’s fine if we enjoy ourselves. But if it starts happening more often than you’d like or it starts affecting your health or mental well-being, then this could be a warning sign to try harder.

If you’ve got your sights set on big achievements, I know exactly what goes through your mind…

“Arghh, what have I done?”

“I’ve ruined everything”

“I don’t feel so good”.

Well, it’s time to figure out how to handle this situation if and when it arises. Each step will help you really think about the things that matter.

1) Don’t Beat Yourself Up – First and foremost, what is done is done and there’s no changing that so being unkind to yourself is totally pointless and unproductive.  As much as you feel it’s true in the moment, one day isn’t going to ruin all your hard work. Did one day of healthy food get you fit? Nope. So this certainly won’t undo all your efforts. It often happens because you’ve chosen to socialise and no doubt you had fun in the process and that is healthy and that is good for you so embrace that. I actually recommend you factor off-plan meals or days in so that they give you a break, allow you the flexibility to enjoy social events and offer the freedom to do what you want to do in life and not just what you feel you should do. If you’re not on a plan, then hell, just live in a balanced way that makes you feel good.

2) Draw A Line – You need to draw a line and start thinking about how you can get back to feeling better. The overindulgence of food that you wouldn’t normally eat will leave you feeling off, de-motivated and even lacking in energy. Acknowledge that sitting regretfully is going to get you nowhere so instead, start to focus on how you’re going to get back to your usual routine and the actions you need to implement. The best ways to make you feel yourself again is to get out in the fresh air, drink plenty of water, add fresh fruit to your breakfast, enjoy a good portion of green veggies with your lunch and sip on herbal teas throughout the day. These healthy habits are just as important for your mind as well as your body. It’s that realisation that today will be a very different day – that we’re back on track. A big part of this is forgiving yourself – if you don’t forgive yourself and accept that actually there’s nothing to worry about, you will struggle to move on so learn to forgive and forget.

3) Carry On Strong – Remember that awesome workout you had last week and remind yourself of how tough you are! Check out your fitness inspo’s on the social and feed off their positivity. Set your next goal and embrace the challenge of hitting some PBs in the gym. A small blip is not enough to knock you off track so just focus on continuing as you were. Revise your diet plan, stock up on all healthy foods, plan the week’s workouts and even factor in your next cheat meal so that you know until then, it’s back to 100% focus and dedication. Knowing that you’re not completely restricted and pre-empting ‘down time’ will make the journey feel easier and give yourself something to look forward to.

The fitness lifestyle isn’t straightforward linear progression – like with anything, there will be ups and downs – but don’t let a single ‘unhealthy’ day allow you to lose focus or give up on what you want. Remember why you started on this journey and stay positive, and you’ll be sure to bounce back stronger than ever!

Serene x