Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

This is a place where I can get things out of my mind and onto paper. A place where I can open up and do a whole lot of ‘figuring stuff out’. A place where I can interact, communicate and hopefully inspire. I’d love you to stick around.

First things first, I feel like I need to explain myself…

As you’ll have noticed, I’ve changed my name. I’m no longer Serene Bodyfit.

I originally chose ‘Bodyfit’ because for those of you that didn’t know, it’s the shortened version of ‘bodyfitness’ which is the female bodybuilding category I’ve competed in numerous times in the past. To me, it says aesthetics, visual, exterior and superficial. It focuses more on the physical change of a person (which of course is a big element of what I do), but I don’t wish to stop there.

‘Serene Strong’ encompasses what I’m about now so much better. Allow me to elaborate…

Strength is physical but it’s also psychological. It highlights the importance of mental well-being in addition to being physically fit – it’s a more wholesome, holistic health. In a world that is becoming faster-paced, more stressful and more anxiety-inducing than ever before, there is a need for greater understanding and care amongst us. Expectations are high and it’s not always others that put us under that pressure, we do it to ourselves – we can be our own worst enemy.

The main definition of strong or strength is of course the ‘physical energy that you have which gives you the ability to perform certain actions’. But someone’s strength in a difficult situation is their confidence and courage and is also referred to as ‘strength of mind’. The dictionary gives the following synonyms:

will, spirit, resolution, resolve, courage, character, nerve, determination, pluck, stamina, grit, backbone, fortitude, toughness, tenacity, willpower, strength of character, moral fibre.

HOW AWESOME are these adjectives and descriptions? How much better would we be as individuals if we had these characteristics? Nurturing an inner strength will set us up for a successful, ambitious and productive way of life because it will enableus to be physically fit and strong by simply creating the opportunity and encouraging us to take action.

Have you ever taken on a challenge – maybe a job interview, an exam or a physical test –  and had to pluck up every bit of courage you had to even be able to face it?

So, if we build confidence and assurance on the inside, the rest will take care of itself? Inner strength and physical ability go hand in hand – they allow each other to develop.

I’ll help you work on your physical strength whilst improving your mental wellbeing so together, we can strengthen the foundations and pave the way to a whole new you.

Well, I’m on the road to find that balance and I’m taking you with me. I have an awesome new concept which I know you’ll love and I’m sure will help a lot of people – Balance247 – which I’m super excited to be sharing with you in my next post! So make sure you come back!

Until then, have a think about times where you’ve wished you had more strength or struggled to find a solution. Could being in the gym – strengthening your body and improving your fitness  – help you develop yourself outside of it?

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