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At Serene Strong I specialise in offering a tailored health and exercise programme through results-based personal training sessions that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The majority of my sessions are weights-based, so I will teach you how to lift weights both safely and effectively to strengthen your body and sculpt it by building muscle and losing body fat.

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What To Expect In Your First PT Session

Your first session will include a consultation and health screening so that we can meet, set some realistic, achievable goals and to make sure that it is safe for you to exercise. Come in whatever you’d usually wear to the gym and bring a towel and some water. Your first session will usually last around one hour and from this we can outline your fitness programme for future sessions.

Setting Long Term Goals

Working together, we can set realistic and sustainable fitness goals that will help you achieve your optimal performance. By tracking progress regularly and reassessing these goals, we strive to get you the results you want.

Are Personal Training Sessions Suitable For Me?

My PT sessions are suitable for everyone! Your fitness programme is completely tailored to you, with everything from equipment, to duration, to environment, bespoke to each individual. Previous gym or exercise experience is not necessary – I will cover everything from beginner to advanced.

PT Session Prices

Payments are to be made upfront on a monthly basis and prices are as follows:

1 PT/week £180

2 PTs/week £320

3 PTs/week £420

Please note, I do not offer single sessions.

Pairs and group sessions however, will be considered.

All training sessions will be designed in relation to personal goals and be structured in monthly “mesocycles” e.g. strength, hypertrophy, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness etc and adjusted as necessary.

I encourage you to keep a log book of sessions – noting exercises, weight lifted, sets & reps which will enable you to create your own training plan if preferred, or I can design one for you.

There will be monthly goal-setting and progress tracking e.g. photos/body measurements, body weight etc.

To maximise results and improve accountability, you will also have FREE access to my monthly coaching Facebook group “Be Strong – Online Coaching”, led by myself and James Jeffrey (normally costs £27/month).

Please note, sessions that are not cancelled within 24hrs prior to the session will still be charged.

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About Me

I’m an experienced personal trainer with over 6-years I qualified as a level 3, REPS-accredited Personal Trainer in 2012 and train clients locally at Peak Fitness, Penzance, where I also offer 1-1 check-ins for competition preparation.

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What Do My Clients Say?

I’ve worked with a huge range of clients, from professional weight athletes and bodybuilding competitors, to students, parents and individuals just looking to get back into the world of exercise. Whatever your goals and background, we can help you get the most out of your exercise. See some of our client transformations here.

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Start your fitness journey with expert support and guidance today! Please contact me directly for more information and to get started.

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