I have two online programmes available which are delivered direct to your phone through an easily accessible app.

Both include nutritional support (with meal templates if required) and exercise plans (with video descriptions) all personalised to your circumstances, preferences and lifestyle. You’ll find a variety of recipe packs and other helpful resources in the Facebook support group, and you’ll benefit from weekly 1-1 check-ins.

Sculpt Programme

Who’s It For?

  • Women who want to focus on physical change – weight loss or body re-composition.
  • Whilst beginners are welcome, this programme works well for those who already have a good grasp of nutrition and exercise regularly.
  • Ideal for those who need some fresh ideas, accountability, guidance and support.

What’s Included?
The Sculpt Programme focuses on strength goals and/or changes in body composition. Initial nutritional support and exercise plans will be created and amended as necessary in relation to your check-in. Check-ins will be via online form submission and I will get back to you with the programme adjustments within 24hrs using messages and voice notes. Depending on your goal, I’ll set you weekly targets to keep you motivated to achieve the body and/or health status you desire.

Body & Mind Programme

Who’s It For?

  • Women who would benefit from deeper internal work and want to focus on positive psychology to improve confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Women who prefer to have full support and enjoy communicating via phone calls and conversation.
  • Women who are stuck in cycles of yo-yo dieting and/or feel their mindset is holding them back from success.
  • Suitable for people of all levels of knowledge and experience.

What’s Included?
This higher tier Body & Mind programme includes all that is offered in the Sculpt programme, with a larger emphasis on mindset. Check-ins will include a weekly phone call to discuss obstacles/struggles and come up with appropriate, relevant strategies to overcome them. We’ll delve into other lifestyle factors (as necessary) and I’ll give you the tools, practices and mini “homeworks” to help you discover your personal habit patterns, promote helpful thought processes, improve your internal dialogue and create more positive behaviours. I’ll work really closely with you by offering 24hr message support to ensure you finish the program in a really good place, not just physically but mentally too.