Alison’s Transformation


"Since starting at the gym and having Serene as my personal trainer my life has been changed in so many ways and all for the better. I have learnt you are never to old to learn something new and at the same time give yourself a new lease of life. I am now mentally and [...]

Leoni’s Transformation


This was Leoni's second figure competition and she did a phenomenal job! Well done, Leoni, proud of you! "When I first came to Serene my confidence was very low. I felt deflated and lacked any positive perception of my body image which was reflecting into my personality. From the very off Serene saw potential in [...]

James’s Transformation


Incredibly proud of this guy - not the usual circumstances but still, he has achieved so much! Well done James! "Getting Serene’s help was definitely one of the best things I have done... I work in Iraq, looking after clients not all the time in the world to do what’s needed...I don’t have luxury or [...]

Nath’s Transformation


“Seriously what a coach! I held off competing for years, I wasn't sure coaches I was with and believe me I've been with a few. You need to be able to trust in the person that's getting you up on that competitive stage. Serene had my trust from week 1 working together! She was there [...]

Jenny’s Transformation


Jenny lost nearly 7kg overall in the 12 weeks, but gained a whole load of confidence and overcame things that she didn't think possible! She's much healthier and enjoys exercise which is clear from her tight, fit body. Well done, Jenny - this is the start of a much bigger transformation for you, both inside [...]

Cherie’s Transformation


Cherie contacted me initially because she was aware her diet wasn't good and she needed to boost her energy levels and improve her general health. I designed her a food plan to help her reach her targets. She lost a mammoth 3 stone over a 6 month period by following the plan which then motivated [...]

Jo’s Transformation


As a busy working mum of 4, Jo struggled with weight loss as she found it hard to find the time and motivation to exercise and she didn't consider her needs with regards to food. She had wanted to try lifting weights for a long time but didn't know how or where to start. She [...]

Jovin’s Transformation


"Over a six month period Serene helped me lose 13kg and adapt my approach to food. As a former high level rugby player, I was always able to get away with eating a lot of unclean foods due to intense training, and had developed a fairly unhealthy relationship with food. When focuses in life changed, [...]

Dean’s Transformation


As a successful gym owner, Dean wanted to prove he could change his body and he did just that! We worked together closely for 12 weeks - trained together and had check-ins to make adjustments to his diet on a weekly basis. Preserving mass is difficult on a calorie deficit, and so is running a [...]