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Project Description

“Since starting at the gym and having Serene as my personal trainer my life has been changed in so many ways and all for the better. I have learnt you are never to old to learn something new and at the same time give yourself a new lease of life. I am now mentally and physically so much stronger and fitter. I didn’t think it possible at my age but I haven’t felt fit like this for many, many years. Serene has been my guide and inspiration – I now know so much more about keeping myself fit, strong and healthy so I can enjoy my retirement to the full. I have lost weight and many inches too and I am able to maintain my weight loss through exercise and eating well (not dieting as I did in the past and yo yoing). I am physically so much stronger and can enjoy longs walks and hills are no longer a problem. I had suffered from depression at various points in my life but not any more, I am happy and confident now and I love my new body. 
Serene is a wonderful fitness coach who tailors everything to her clients needs starting from where they are and building their confidence and knowledge about the different muscles and which exercises work those muscles, she is also excellent at making sure you get your form right. 
I was so very nervous at first but Serene made me feel comfortable from the very first session and as time went on she was able to push me to do things I would have thought possible at the start. I now feel confident enough to go into any gym anywhere and work out, she has set me on a road and I intend to stay on it and never look back. Thank you Serene for everything you have done for me.”
What a transformation! Well done Alison!

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