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The progress this lady has made physically and how she has changed as a person downright baffles me. She has come a very long way but still assures me she isn’t where she wants to be just yet. I gave her a plan a little over a year ago and since then I have seen her work her butt off, pulling out all the stops to get to her goal. Her determination and hard work has seen her consistently lose weight in a steady, healthy way and now there are things she can do that she couldn’t before – her growing confidence is clear in her photo!

“Just over 12 months into my journey and 1lb away from 8&1/2 stone weightloss. This has been a remarkable year with a complete transformation of my person and my life. I have changed from being a nervous wreck when faced with social events I should thoroughly enjoy, to having the confidence I had as a teenager. I now have a very active lifestyle and feel extremely fit and well. 2&1/2 stone to my target and I can’t wait to see what happens next!!”

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