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Project Description

Incredibly proud of this guy – not the usual circumstances but still, he has achieved so much! Well done James!

“Getting Serene’s help was definitely one of the best things I have done… I work in Iraq, looking after clients not all the time in the world to do what’s needed…I don’t have luxury or all the gym equipment and food like back home in the UK so right from the start Serene sorted the diet, next it was the equipment available..yet again total different training from what am used to but…1 week in and am feeling good, 4 weeks in taking photos and wow I see the change, motivation goes through the roof, every step of the way Serene is there on anything you need, before we knew it 12 weeks was done… but that’s not stopping us we had a goal and even though next 12 are on me it’s still Serene’s programme’s, still Serene’s help that gave me this motivation, so it’s still the both of us smashing this challenge.”


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