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Project Description

“I am a Para-Athlete World Championship Silver medalist for T44 High Jump and part of Team GB. I am currently ranked 2nd in the world for my category. However I haven’t always been an International athlete.

I started off as a basketballer, with the aim to get stronger and slightly bigger whilst maintaining my fitness and ‘cut’ physique, and not affecting my ability to dunk too much. I met Serene at Dynamite Gym and was welcomed by her general good nature and lovely smile. I was at the time working alongside the team to establish a therapy room I could use at the gym to treat the gym members.

When I started training with Serene, she was extremely professional and outlined with me my physical and nutritional goals, and what my periodic aims were. All of which were attainable and some of which I was able to surpass as our training went on. I was always going to be a challenge for Serene due to my condition from birth Talipes which affects my lower left leg and foot; which over the years resulted in a huge muscular imbalance throughout my body; most noticeably on my back.

Throughout my training, Serene always pushed me to my limits but was aware of my general state with working hours. The biggest challenge was always Leg day! I always felt a bit quirky after my leg sessions, but once (and only once) I made the mistake of coming in to train legs after a night of alcohol….NEVER AGAIN! This was the first time I ever projectile vomited and had the double wammy of it coming out my nose! Not cool!

But with the training I did with Serene, my strength and size improved, and my muscular imbalance improved dramatically. The work I did on my legs actually set me up quite well when I had to make the sudden change to high jumping (at which point I was mid bulk and had to stop all upper body!). I was able to achieve some high jump personal bests prior to competing at the world champs in Lyon.

Overall, Serene helped me so much achieve the goals I had at the time, and also prepared me for the hard work required with international athletic training. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness, size or definition. She is also one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Cheers babe, I’ll always be grateful.”

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