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Project Description

As a busy working mum of 4, Jo struggled with weight loss as she found it hard to find the time and motivation to exercise and she didn’t consider her needs with regards to food. She had wanted to try lifting weights for a long time but didn’t know how or where to start. She contacted me at Peak Fitness Penzance and we began working together, training weekly and discussing nutrition. We’ve been working together since summer 2016 and so much has changed, not just her physical appearence but also her attitude and outlook. She has lost 1.5 stone in weight so far and whilst changes are small, they are consistent. She is much happier and more confident in herself! Awesome work Jo!

“Other than the obvious health benefits, one of the perks of going to the gym is I get my legs back and to wear a size 12 dress. When you’ve been a size 20, this is a massive achievement. I also get to teach my girls to love their bodies for what they can do and not just how they look!”

Project Details