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Project Description

“This is not something I have ever done before and honestly, it takes a lot for me to post something like this but these past 5 months have been a massive change for me and the pictures show it and I would just like to thank Serene for helping me achieve so many of the goals I had set out for myself, with her personalised training plan and her nutrition advice and overall inspiration being one of the biggest helps for me in getting this far.

It used to be that I couldn’t even face going swimming around people who weren’t my closest friends without being anxious and self-conscious the whole time, to the point where it brought me to tears thinking about how much I disliked the way I looked and felt. But then I moved from Penzance leisure centre to an amazing gym – Peak Fitness – and started working with Serene there. Thank you for the support, Serene. I can now begin to start liking who I am again and feeling comfortable in my own body.”

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