Leoni’s Transformation2018-10-24T16:24:17+00:00

Project Description

This was Leoni’s second figure competition and she did a phenomenal job!
Well done, Leoni, proud of you!
“When I first came to Serene my confidence was very low. I felt deflated and lacked any positive perception of my body image which was reflecting into my personality. From the very off Serene saw potential in me, and it was easy to see she had a genuine confidence that together, as a joint effort we could make a difference. We put a plan in place and life hasn’t been the same since, both mentally and physically. Not only this, its something I see Serene doing with all of her clients, she really see’s the potential in everyone. The support Serene gives her clients is second to non, her knowledge is top notch and I’m so grateful to have her as my personal trainer, nutrition advisor and prep coach. “

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