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Project Description

“I embarked on a 69 day journey to transform my body….Serene put together a delicious nutritional plan and I also met with Serene each week for PT sessions at Peak Fitness in Penzance. I can not thank Serene enough. The healthy meal plan, the at home workouts and brilliant PT sessions which have pushed me to my limits! I went through every emotion imaginable but Serene was always there with her invaluable advice and constant support. I can not recommend Serene highly enough, she is a true professional and it was great to work with such a strong and inspirational woman. She’s super passionate about what she does which is why she always gets results.

In 69 days I lost 4kg in weight, built muscle and lost 4 inches from my waist, 2 from my hips and 2 from my bum! I also gained a hell of a lot of self confidence. If you’re planning on a health kick this year – don’t do it alone! Join team Serene!”

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