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“Seriously what a coach! I held off competing for years, I wasn’t sure coaches I was with and believe me I’ve been with a few. You need to be able to trust in the person that’s getting you up on that competitive stage. Serene had my trust from week 1 working together! She was there whenever I need to ask a question, literally any time of day or night. She gave me confidence to get on a bodybuilding stage and DO it. She never puts you down, never feels unapproachable and above all, never fails to listen to how I was feeling.

In 17 weeks I have learned so much about myself as a person aswell as my physical capabilities and that is all down to her. I’m looking forward to us working together for many years and gaining accolade after accolade together. Oh and she makes you feel like you are her only client which I can tell you makes such a massive difference when your pushing for anything whether it’s a stage or life in general. If you are looking for any type of accomplishment, she will push you to the best of your ability at doing so. BRING ON OUR TROPHYS NEXT YEAR!!!”

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